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from as little as 5 up to 50,000 US Dollars or Euro offers fixed odds financial bets; i.e. financial bets that pay a fixed amount (or nothing) on expiry. In other words, when you buy a fixed-odds bet from, you are entitled to receive a payout, which is a fixed multiple of the amount you have staked. With the dealing system a client expresses a view and makes a prediction. If the prediction comes true, the client will profit by a predetermined amount. Before any bet is placed, the client knows the entire possible downside as well as the exact possible profit.

However, with most bets, you are also able to sell your bet before the final settlement date to mitigate your losses or take your profits out early. This means that your risk level is clearly defined at all times.

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What are the advantages of fixed odds betting?

  1. Fixed odds betting constitutes a limited risk facility for gaining upside, sideways or downside exposure on a number of globally traded stock, indices and currency pairs.
  2. Your risk is limited to your stake at all times yet high leverage is still possible; you risk a fixed amount of money (the purchase price of the bet), which constitutes your maximum liability.
  3. Instant, Easy, Simple and Flexible. Our dealing platform offers near-instant executions with unprecedented simplicity and ease of use. You choose the closing time and date for all bet which can be as little as 10 minutes (as for the Intraday Doubles) from the current time and as long as 6 months. You choose your potential winnings per bet and you never have to risk more than you want to (unless purchasing "Stop Bets" or "Spreads"). You don't need to monitor the bets or regularly follow the markets; you can let your bets expire on the settlement date without having to determine when to cut a losing position or to take profits.
  4. Versatility. You can adapt or adjust your positions according to any situation that arises. This means you can do everything from protecting a position from a decline to outright betting on the movement of the stock markets.
  5. You can bet on the markets for as little as 5 and as much as 50,000 GBP.

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